Mercedes Navigation DVD

You’ve spent 150k on a beautiful 500+ horsepower Mercedes Roadster that makes you feel like a speeding bullet on the roadway. You’re styling, profiling, and pretty much king of the highway. But what about your Mercedes Navigation DVD? Let’s put it this way. The Navigation on your Roadster Mercedes looks like it can be on a low grade pinto.

The Built in Mercedes Navigation DVD just is not impressive whatsoever. The roadster that was tested is a 5.5 24 valve V8 engine with manual shifting paddles that has front calipers consisting of 6 pistons and the aluminum hardtop is retractable. There isn’t a backseat for this fully equipped Performance Package Roadster.

You can access the DVD-Rom by looking for a small component on the left side of the car. When you click on the know release compartment, you’ll find the Mercedes navigation DVD rom drive. With a single DVD, you will be able to access all of the U.S maps, and Mercedes will update it once per year. Hopefully there isn’t major construction work in your area at the beginning of the year, or you’ll need to wait for some time for the update to be reflected in the new DVD the following year. The cost is around $200-250 to update and must be purchased directly from Mercedes. One of the nice things that I can say about the Navigation unit is that updating the GPS is quite easy. All you need to do is remove the old DVD and replace it with the new one. It’s that simple.

The main Mercedes navigation DVD unit has a 7 inch LCD display that will give you 5 buttons on both left and right sides. You will find the NAV, MAP, SERV, POWER buttons. NAV will display the navigation. MAP is what you would use when you already have a map display loaded. The SERV will show system options, and the POWER turns the unit on/off (obviously). To increase/decrease the volume of your voice instruction look for the disc that is located around the power button.

Down to the nitty gritty, the Mercedes navigation DVD 7 inch display is beautiful but is not fully utilized. A lot more can be done to ensure the effectiveness of this unit. It will display latitude and longitude which myself and 99% of other people don’t really care for, unless your James Bond. For instance, it could display zoom buttons, time and distance to your location, arrival time estimate, satellite reception, and the street name of your next turn (pretty standard on any other Navigation).

The great news is that a lot of these issues can be fixed if you use different software provided for your navigation. It’s a beautiful unit but lacks a lot of common features and functionalities that makes the unit quite worthless.